Thomas Mifflin School Newsletter - September 2018

There was Benjamin Franklin and William Randolph Hearst, Helen Thomas and Judith Miller, Walter Cronkite and Bob Woodward, Christine Amanpour and Barbara Walters ... and so many others. 

And now, Thomas Mifflin School has Anthony Soda and Derrick Barnes at the helm of its journalism program (under the editorial guidance of Ms. Stacy Dello Buono). 

Soda and Barnes are the lead writers of Mifflin's latest adventure - a monthly newsletter serving as the student voice at Thomas Mifflin. 

Catch the issue each month in print, or right here online. This issue includes re-caps from last Spring, historical information, teacher bios, as well as upcoming Fall programs and dates. 

Happy reading! 



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Spring Has Sprung at the ZOO!

Mifflin 2nd graders couldn't have timed their zoo trip better! It was 60+ and the sun was shining! The animals made it known they were happy about it. We checked out some crazy creatures and observed how they behaved in their habitats. Some favorites were the frisky penguins, the vibrant flamingos, and the surprisingly vocal lemurs! Be sure to ask your 2nd grader about their favorite animal from the Philadelphia Zoo!

Get Starship Thomas Mifflin ON THEIR WAY!


Let's send our 8th graders off in style! 

Star Date 2018. These are the students of the Starship Thomas Mifflin.  Seeking out new knowledge and new destinations. Please help fuel this starship with donations. Help these students to boldly go on their 8th grade trip to New York. They will all miss Thomas Mifflin next year, don't let them miss their trip. Thank you! FOLLOW the link and contribute to our GoFundMe campaign:

Adventurers Inspire the 4th Grade!

Antarctic Adventurers Share Their Story With The 4th Grade

Ms.Boyd's fourth graders are studying the continents. As luck would have it, Ms.Boyd stumbled upon an article about a team of students setting out on a climate change research adventure to Antarctica. She wrote to the journalist covering the team's journey, and Wah Lah! Two of the three students made plans to visit the Mifflin students before heading out on their excursion! Learn more about the trip here or watch the video.

On Thursday December 21st, the team brought their stories, expertise, and excitement to share with our awesome students! Ms.Boyd reports that the researchers were great with the kids, patient and informative. They are going to remain in contact with the class by email and maybe even a phone call from the ship! 

Thank you for the inspiring visit, Ms.Dodge and Mr.Weber! We can't wait to hear about your journey!

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Winter Choral Concert Celebrating Diversity

The Thomas Mifflin Theater Club Presents: Winter Choral Concert 2017!

The incredible Theater Club put together a production celebrating the many cultures and religions of our world with the goal to end ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Thank you to the hardworking students, teachers, and staff! Your love and talents poured out of that theater in the hearts of all of us that day!

The Arts: Expressing diversity since civilizations began! End ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Understand, acknowledge, and respect one another.

Theater Club Members:

Savanna Howard, Cortney Mitchell, Synfanee Edwards, Derrick Barnes, Anthony Soda, Jarah Scott, Dell Salmon, Shaniya Shanklin, Bresha Root, Ka'mya Williams, Vanessa Lucas, Jihair Scott, Mia Cox, Amani Jackson, Daiyanah Gibson, Leeasia Chance


Kindergarten- Let It Shine
First Grade- Joy to the World + Buddha Song
Second Grade- Faithful Women + Rainmaker
Third Grade- Children of the Buddha + The Gurus Song
Fourth Grade- Truth, Goodness, Beauty + Love Reaches Out
Sixth Grade- Shabbat Shalom

If you have photo or video of the Winter Concert, please send to so that we may include them in this post!

Becoming 21st Century 4th Graders

Ms.Salter shares her passion for research and campaigns for Chromebooks.


My students need Samsung Chromebooks, a charging cart, an Epson LCD projector and protective case, an Ipevo document camera, and a cart presentation station in order to be successful in our technology-filled world.

My Students

"C-O-L-L-E-G-E college is the place for me!" We love to learn from and encourage each other to be the best we can be. My classroom is a place where students feel safe and comfortable to take risks to grow their brains. Together, we wish to explore our curriculum through different modalities.

My Project

Chromebooks are a wonderful learning tool that can be used in many different ways in our classroom. My students will be using Chromebooks on a daily basis to read, write, research, access intervention programs, and more. Chromebooks in our classroom would allow me to incorporate technology and online learning games with my students on a daily basis within a school where technology resources are limited. Having a projector and document camera will make teaching with technology incredibly easier. I will be able to show presentations and videos as well as display teacher led examples and peer work with a document camera.

Having technology in our classroom would be the first step to inspiring my students to be life long learners in our modern technological world.
This project would not only affect my current 4th graders, but will be used for many years to come.

This project is already on it's way to being funded! Learn how to contribute HERE.

Peaceful Playground: Sponsorships Available

Ms.Houser brings the black top to life with Peaceful Playground program!

Recess serves as a necessary break from the rigors of concentrated, academic challenges in the classroom. But equally important is the fact that safe and well-supervised recess offers cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits
— The American Academy of Pediatrics

Creating a socially stimulating and peaceful play environment for the incredible students of Thomas Mifflin. 

What is it? 
An inexpensive physical activity program that improves recess and overall school climate in before, during and after-school programs. 

How can you help? 
Individual and business sponsorships are available. Contribute to this project + have your company name included in our professionally designed mural! 

The project will be implemented Spring 2018.

Contact Lynsey Augustus for more information and sponsorship opportunities.
484.560.7128 OR