Winter Choral Concert Celebrating Diversity

The Thomas Mifflin Theater Club Presents: Winter Choral Concert 2017!

The incredible Theater Club put together a production celebrating the many cultures and religions of our world with the goal to end ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Thank you to the hardworking students, teachers, and staff! Your love and talents poured out of that theater in the hearts of all of us that day!

The Arts: Expressing diversity since civilizations began! End ignorance, bigotry, and hate. Understand, acknowledge, and respect one another.

Theater Club Members:

Savanna Howard, Cortney Mitchell, Synfanee Edwards, Derrick Barnes, Anthony Soda, Jarah Scott, Dell Salmon, Shaniya Shanklin, Bresha Root, Ka'mya Williams, Vanessa Lucas, Jihair Scott, Mia Cox, Amani Jackson, Daiyanah Gibson, Leeasia Chance


Kindergarten- Let It Shine
First Grade- Joy to the World + Buddha Song
Second Grade- Faithful Women + Rainmaker
Third Grade- Children of the Buddha + The Gurus Song
Fourth Grade- Truth, Goodness, Beauty + Love Reaches Out
Sixth Grade- Shabbat Shalom

If you have photo or video of the Winter Concert, please send to so that we may include them in this post!